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Twitter and Follow Friday

The insincerity of “Follow Friday” makes me cringe. Have you ever watched “Deal or No Deal”? It reminds me of the forced camaraderie you see on that show, but in electronic form, and with no bearded, cosmic ordering, schizophrenic-pretending-to-talk-to-a-banker nut job.

iOS 5 - it's a bit shit

click ‘update’, press OK
wait for iPhone to backup
“internal error occured”
repeat until you throw up

Notification Centre - “slide down to view” should read “place your finger on the miniscule menu bar and slide down”
Lock Screen Notifications - nope, just can’t get these to work.
iMessage - After a lot of trial and error you have to go to contacts first, then select your contact, then select their Apple login, you can’t just go into ‘messages’ and select them from there, because if they have a phone number listed it will automatically send the message via SMS. This arse-backwards way of doing things reminds me of Motorola circa 1996.
wi-fi Sync - wait… I have to plug my iPhone cable in to use wi-fi sync? Kind of defeats the object really.

All these new features are surprisingly unintuitive for an Apple release.